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So yeah I am bad at this.

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Hello! My name is EzyKay, I have always been a super shy person, self esteem issues caused by bullying and all that jazz. Video games helped me escape all that. I have met some amazing people and had some incredible adventures so I thought I might as well record it, put it on the internet and see what happens.
Here is my channel: … jeC4RxFJsA

I also stream on Twitch:

And here are my other social stuffs:
►Twitter :
►Facebook -
►G2A :
►Visband :
►Twitch :



Great introduction EzyKay! It sucks that you have been bullied in the past but things are hopefully getting better now, i have seen you change on youtube from when you first started, you do seem more comfortable on there now. Best of luck to growing your community dude. Feel free to invite people over to the forum to help this grow!

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Cheers man, agreed and yeah 100% but I was still shy as hell haha. Same and that was has kept me going, having great people such as yourself that watch my videos really makes my day so thanks man. yeah you too :)



Anytime dude.

If you have anyone you want to reccomend this forum to then go right ahead. The more we can build this the bigger our community can become 😉


You are here » The Rogue Community » Introduce yourself » So yeah I am bad at this.