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Hieeee from the glittery beyond! 🦄✨❤✨🦄

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Well hello my name is licorne and I'm an unicorn! 🦄 Not literally that could be weird! But I do in spirits✨ my Chanel is based in the fact that I'm weird I AND had to much free time, so I asked myself... what job would make me happy?!? And afther a long and thougfully proscces (4seconds) I decided I wanted to become a gaymer YOUTUBER! And that's basically it.
I want to create a space well you can be yourself, and proudly doing what you like to do! Play video games and spreading the love all over the internet.
And why not a little bit of glitter too!✨ 🦄❤🦄✨

⬇⬇⬇⬇Let's be friends you can find me here! ⬇⬇⬇⬇

YouTube … BMWj9CbaJA





Pd. I reply everithing so make sure we stay in touch send me a comente a picture a tweet what ever I would be happy to spend time with you guys!



Fantastic introduction. And you do spread happiness and glitter everywhere you go, Im really glad to have you as a part of our community and really hope your channel grows. You deserve it. 👌😄



Awww thanx to you Rouge for creating this wonderful space! And of course we all need some glitter in our lifes!!!!! 🌟💫✨❤🦄❤✨💫🌟


You are here » The Rogue Community » Introduce yourself » Hieeee from the glittery beyond! 🦄✨❤✨🦄